New Agency Applications

New Agency Application (PDF) – non-profit 501(c)3 organizations
New Agency Application (PDF) – Church

Frequently Used Agency Forms

Agency Information Update Sheet (PDF)- this worksheet must be filled out once a year or anytime the agency has gone through changes in management or location.

2022-2023 Eligibility Form (PDF)- and Listing Sign Sheet (PDF) this pre-qualifier form is required to be filled out by all persons wanting to participate and receive food. All Agencies are required to keep this form on file, filled out and completed by the individual receiving food and signed by the participant each time the participant receives food from a distribution. These forms are updated annually, and it is up to the agency to make sure they have updated forms on hand each year.

USDA Inventory Agency Form (PDF)– this form is required to be completed and kept on hand per USDA by any agency receiving USDA products from our facility.

Temperature/ Storage Log Form (PDF)– this form is a requirement for the member agency’s audit. It is mandatory this form be filled and kept on file for all items received from our facility.

Non-Discrimination Guidelines (PDF)

CSFP Forms

What is CSFP? (PDF)

If you are interested in our CSFP program please come to the office during working hours to sign up!

Current Inventory List and Order Forms

Inventory List and Order Form (XLSX)

In order to place an order you must download the spreadsheet below as an excel spreadsheet, fill out the quantity of cases that you want save it to your computer then email it back to us. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL ORDERS SHOULD BE PLACED ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE.